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Force modified style be applied to previously created docx files as well

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Hi friends
new to word.
i have about 30 .docx documents.
inside one of them, i selected a word which it's font is bold & is red & then i goto styles and right click on Heading1 and click on "update heading1 to match selection"
then i right click on heading1 and selected modify and in opened box, i selected following two options.
but the problem is , when i open any other .docx documents which i had previously created, the Heading1 style is default settings & is not what i modified, so i have to repeat modifying Heading1 style in all previously created docx files.
any workaround?
thanks in advanced

The Best Answer

You could use a Document_Open macro in the relevant template to do the updating next time the documents are opened. However, you probably wouldn't want that macro to run every time the (updated) documents are opened and it wouldn't update any that haven't
been opened (meaning they'd still show the old Style if sent to someone whose system doesn't have your template available).
The other option is to use a macro that loops though all the documents in one go to do the updating. The problem then becomes one of identifying which documents your template applies to, so as to not update others. If they're all in one folder, with no other
documents, that's easy enough but, if they're scattered across multiple folders amongst many other documents, having to open & check perhaps thousands of files could take even a macro a long time to do all the processing. To get an idea of what's
involved see, for example, the code I posted at: That macro simply updates template paths after a server change.
Paul Edstein
[MS MVP - Word]
that's great, thanks a lot. really helped me.