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FLVPlayback / Custom NCManager Problems

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have been trying for days to write my own custom NCManager
class that allows us to connect to a Limelight stream. We have to
issue a that has the command "FCSubscribe" and
the stream name. I've written a 100% custom player
( (have to register!) but what I want to to
resolve that player with the video-on-demand player
( into a single Flash project.
I want to allow our Graphics guys (aka Flash developers) to
be able to use the standard Adobe FLVPlayback components and skins
and also be able to p lay back files, streaming content and
Limelight content. To this end I thought that writing a custom
NCManager class would be the way to go.
I have 99.9% succeeded: my class gets the connectToURL(),
connects to Limelight, subscribes and all is well but I am really
really stuck now on how to tell the FLVPlayback component that it
can start playing back now that the stream is connected.
What really is stumping me is that my project is AS3 yet the
FLVPlayback and VideoPlayer parts appear to be AS2 and I cannot
call the rtmpStatusInfo() function on the VideoPlayer part to tell
it that it is good to go.
I am so close I can taste it: If I create a NetStream object
and play() it, I can hear the content to I know that if I could
only get the FLVPlayback / VideoPlayer dynamic duo to playback then
the job would be done.
I have attached the code, warts and all in the hope that
either somebody has done this before or can tell me what I have
misunderstood about the internal state-machine / FSM logistics that
VideoPlayer et al implement.
By reading the source code and my debugging statements I can
see that I have maneuvered it towards the ultimate goal of playback
but I don't know how to make that final step.
Thanks in advance,
Sean Charles.
PS: I *know* that reconnect() is non-functional but if I
uncomment the call all it does is go around the loop again; the
real problem is I cannot tell the VideoPlayer that it can play (via
rtmpStatusInfo) the data etc
PPS: The meta-data related stuff *only* gets called if I
uncomment the NetStream code; this was to check that I had a valid
playback stream, which I do at that point.

The Best Answer

I was able to successfully make this work for our company's Adobe Flash video player using Flex Builder 3 running the Flex 3.3 SDK with the latest version of FLVPlayback 2.5.
Here is the custom NCManager class I created:
package com.companyname {
    use namespace flvplayback_internal;
    public class NCManagerLimelight extends NCManager {
        public function NCManagerLimelight() {
        override flvplayback_internal function onConnected(p_nc:NetConnection, p_bw:Number):void {
            super.onConnected(p_nc, p_bw);
            this.netConnection.client = com.companyname.ConnectClientLimelight;
  "FCSubscribe", null, this.streamName);
As you can see, it references a custom ConnectClient class I extended, which follows:
package com.companyname {
    use namespace flvplayback_internal;
    public class ConnectClientLimelight extends ConnectClient {
        public function ConnectClientLimelight(owner:NCManager, nc:NetConnection, connIndex:uint=0) {
            super(owner, nc);
        public function onFCSubscribe(info:Object):void {
            // do nothing
        public function onFCUnsubscribe(info:Object):void {
            // do nothing
The above class really does nothing except prevent the debug errors it would throw if onFCSubscribe was not defined.  Finally, you put it all together by placing those two files (named and respectively) in a folder structure that matches your package namespace off of the src folder for your Flex project.  In the above code, I used com.companyname, so you would want to place the two files in a folder located at src/com/companyname in your Flex project.
Be sure to import the NCManagerLimelight class in your own source code by doing the following:
import com.companyname.NCManagerLimelight;
Then, right before you instantiate your FLVPlayback (where isLive is set to true for a live show) do the following to make your new NCManager class the default class for all video players:
VideoPlayer.iNCManagerClass = NCManagerLimelight;
Lastly, after you instantiate your FLVPlayback instance, you need to make sure it's isLive and autoPlay properties are both true.  For example:
flvPlaybackInstance.autoPlay = true;
flvPlaybackInstance.isLive = true;
I hope this helps!
Sean Smith
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