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Firefox running under Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) 12 (KDE) won't install extensions for Firefox

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) 12, KDE desktop
Firefox 10.0
Started up Firefox right after Mint was installed. On the add-ons page video download helper was shown as a featured extension and I installed it, then rebooted when prompted. After that, Firefox would never install another extension again. Just gives download error.
I google searched and in a forum I found a post about uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. I tried it. First time I started it up, it installed video download helper again, but then would not install any other extension after that. I tried numerous extensions I '''KNOW''' are working in Firefox 10.0 because they are working in Firefox over on my Win 7. Everytime I get a download error, either from the addons site or from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox.
Someone told me on the Mint forums that I needed to add a subdirectory on a certain directory, so I did that. Didn't work.
It seems Ubuntu disables the root, or cripples it, and I guess Mint does too. You can still use sudo when doing things in Ubuntu (and Mint I would assume, since it's based on Ubuntu) but you can't get true 'superuser' access as I understand it. But, I don't think this would have any bearing on the problem, or my search of the Mint forums would have come up with all kinds of threads screaming about this.

The Best Answer

Problem solved - it was caused by an add-on called "PDF Download
To fix - in Firefox :
Click on '''Tools''' command (top of screen)
Select '''Extensions'''
click on "'''disable''' button beside '''PDF Download'''
Close Firefox and restart it.
Clicking on any pdf file should open a new tab now and the document will appear there.