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Fire the noob responsible for usability

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And hire me.
Who the hell thought it would be okay to have the focus on the link you just clicked when you alt-tab back into the chat window? The focus should ALWAYS be on the chat input box, dammit!

The Best Answer

You'll definitely want to read the manual to make sure the 896HDs are connected together properly. ADAT is a little tricky, it's not just a matter of cabling them together. Go to if you need more guidance on connecting multiple devices. Beyond that initial hookup, here are a couple of quick suggestions:
1. Open CueMix and see if both devices are reported there. If not, your connections aren't correct. Be sure to select 44.1kHz as your sample rate, otherwise you are reducing the number of additional channels. For instance at 88.2kHz you would get half the additional channels via ADAT.
2. You may need to create an aggregate device for the MacBook to recognize more than the first 896HD. Lots of help on this forum for how to do that. Again, first make sure you have the 896HDs connected together properly.
3. As for latency with Mainstage on the Mini, no way to know until you try it. Generally MOTU is fantastic for low latency work but Mainstage is a question mark for a lot of users right now. If the Mini can't cut the mustard, you have a great excuse to upgrade to a MacBook Pro.