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Finder freeze and other problems since external hookup

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I own a macbook pro and recently bought a 1tb Iomega external to back up. I loaded ran time machine successfully and loaded it with movies and since it hasn't worked correctly. It will not allow itself to be removed because it says I need to quit programs that may be using it (and only Finder is running). It will remove itself periodically.
Also, since I have owned it, Finder will freeze at least one time per use and never come out of it. I have to manually shut down the computer to have it become operational again (that is without the external plugged in). other programs work fine (I am currently using Safari while Finder is only a spinning wheel).
whenever I run disk utility on the external, it removes itself.
I know it may sound like it doesn't work at all, but i can successfully read and write on the external, when it is not frozen.
I tried to call Apple Support but likely enough, my phone support expired last month.
any ideas?

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Hi bsugradsbm-
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Did you reformat the drive using Disk Utility before you used it?
If not, try doing so and format it for MacOSX Extended. Otherwise, it sounds as if the drive is faulty and you should probably return it under warranty for one that works.