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Final Cut 7 and BluRay.....

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Well, my hat's off to Apple for including BluRay authoring in FCP7. Bravo! The new Share feature is elegant and produces some incredible video on BluRay.
Now, here's some questions I have after burning 1/2 dozen BluRay disks from all sorts of video formats and frame rates.
1. Any way to create truly custom menus for the disks or possibly convince apple to open up the HD menus from DVD Studio Pro 4 to work inside Share, or better yet, let us actually create menus for BluRay right inside DVD Studio Pro 4(or 4.x) and burn directly to BluRay from there? I have an 8 core mac with all the bells and whistles, about 6 Terrabytes of drives in it or connected to it, multiple burners including a LaCie BluRay burner and the full blown Final Cut Studio package. You'd think at this point we'd be able to do this pretty easily.
2. I'm taking a lot of still photos using a Hasselblad H3DII-50 which is a 50 megapixel camera which should look INCREDIBLE on BluRay, and it generates images in the following format
On import, files are Hasselblad RAW (.fff) format. They average 65-70megs each.
Once Imported through Phocus, I save the images as full resolution TIFF images which average
300megs to 1 gig in size each fullsize and in full resolution.
Then, using either Photoshop or Lightroom, or Aperture, I do a file size reduction and save the
image to a lowly JPEG or similar at 1920x1080 size and only about 10-15 megs in size.
Once resized, I put those into either the timeline on FCP or Motion and here's the issue, when I burn images that originated from the Hasselblad they are all scrambled on screen from the BluRay burn. I've tried everything I can think of as far as file formats, etc and no luck with it.
Any suggestions?

The Best Answer

Yeah, tried that as well, even down to about 8-10 meg range with same result. I'm pretty convinced it is format-specific as all of the images which originated as Nikon RAW photos saved as either JPEG or TIFF burn to the BluRay fine, same with images from Leica. Only seems to be stuff originating on the Hasselblad although they work fine everywhere else meaning Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, print on large format, web, etc. etc. etc.
Here's an example that started on the Hasselblad, works fine as a jpeg on the web and everywhere else (of course massively downsized) but in 1920x1080 and placed on FCP timeline and burned to BluRay it shows up as sort of a Warhol-style prime colors mish-mash. The original TIFF after color correction and processing was about 1.2 Gigs, the one here is JPEG at 1280x771 and only about 1.1 meg.
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