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Fed up with "Unsupported File format" crashes!

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I really like Aperture - but, I am totally fed up with only being able to edit a few photos before I get the dreaded red/brown screen and the message of 'Unsupported file format' This cannot be the case as they are all .tifs and I have just edited several OK. My whole day is now one of 'stop/start' and either quit or sometimes 'Force quit'. Then Aperture works fine for another short series of edits - before the same problem recurs. It wastes a lot of valuable editing time - and completely spoils the otherwise pleasurable experience of using Aperture!
I have made a lot of scans from original slides via a Nikon Coolscan 5000 - using Silverfast I have converted these from 48 bit to 24 bit. However, the file size is still large at 100MB - to get the best from the slides. I then import these .tifs into Aperture 2.1. I am using a MacBook Pro, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 MB RAM. I have an external 24 inch monitor. The .tif files are on an external firewire hard drive - 500 GB LaCie. My Aperture library is in my pictures folder on my MacBook Pro.
Can someone PLEASE explain how and why I can make a series of edits fine in Aperture and then suddenly I get the red/brown screen and this unsupported file format message?
Is it a memory problem? Given that I need to edit such large files is it a problem for my (powerful) MacBook Pro? Or, is it a more general problem with Aperure 2.1?
Any advice - or solutions - PLEASE

The Best Answer

It's a bug in Aperture 2.x with large files and/or large pixel dimensions on images (not clear which). I have submitted a bug report, as should anyone who is seeing this. You'll find quite a few threads on this if you search back. The error message is frustratingly incorrect: there is nothing whatsoever unsupported or wrong with the file format, it just leads you down some dead ends in trying to find a solution while you figure that out.
I could sometimes not even work on one image before it would do this. I went from 6GB to 10GB in my Mac Pro, and now I can pretty reliably work on two images before having to restart. So that to me smells like a memory leak or memory mismanagement of some sort is at the root of this, but who knows. We're all just waiting for each next release, hoping Apple has finally found and fixed this, because as you know they don't spend a lot of time discussing what bugs they're addressing; they just show up fixed eventually (one hopes!)
If anyone chimes in here to tell you it's your fault for working with such large images, just ignore them. There were releases of 1.5 that handled these images just fine, as Aperture should. It broke with 2.x.