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FCP7 upgrade without a previous version installed?

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So yes I screwed up. let's get that out of the way. When I bought FCPX I left on my machine FCP7 for a while but then I though, eh, I'm not using 7 for the forseeable future, let's get rid of it for the time beilg and if I need it I'll just reinstall. I've got this thing about needlessly filling up disk space. Well I went to my install discs today to do just that and much to my chagrin realized what I had was an upgrade version. Had forgotten all about that. No need to go into what that did to my blood pressure.
I went to the latest version previous to that and it was FCS 5.1. I put the install disc in and immediately got the soul-crushing error: PowerPC applications are no longer supported. At first I was confused as I had had FCP7 on this very iMac I'm using. It was all very confusing but then realized it was a Universal app so that's why, tho I bought it when I was working on a PPC G5, I could still use it on the Intel iMac. A little (very) investigation revealed the final nail in the coffin: that with Lion, PPC apps were no longer useable.
So here I am with a set of worthless FCPStudio 5 and a nearly useless, tho otherwise just fine, FCP7 upgrade discs. I mean, it's not even like I could dig up a crack for it. I HAVE a legal version w/SN but I can't use it! I remember a time one could install an app that was theoretically an upgrade but didn't need a previous version onboard, (I did that with Freehand once years ago) but it was clear with FCP that I wasn't being allowed to.
So what I need to know is, is there anyway, any kind of workaround, for me to install from these upgrade discs I have without having that all-important previous version onboard?

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No, see, I didn't have the option to do anything. I had no ability to select FCP in the install list. I never got so far as it asking what the SN was. I had the old SN at hand ready to supply to the installer.
But it hit me that the only apps I was proscribed from installing were FCP, Motion and Compressor and I thought OOHHHHH! It's not letting me install on that drive because FCPX is already there. Sure enough, I rebooted to my other partition where I also have an OS installed and was able to put FCP7 there.
You just replied to me before I had a chance to tell folks to "never mind"