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Failed to install Creative Cloud desktop error code 1 Windows 8.1

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I just recently tried to begin a trial of creative cloud in order to get access to photoshop. I really need photoshop for my school because of how powerful it is and the tools is offers. A couple weeks ago I tried to download and install creative cloud for windows 8 64-bit, and the download begins, but once it reaches around 50%, it raises an error message saying "We've encountered the following issues: Creative Cloud desktop failed to install (error code 1)". I was having problems with the internet at the time so I just naturally assumed it was the cause. So I went ahead and gave it a couple of days before I tried again. When I tried again I received the same error message at the same time. I continued to look around for a solution and trying it everyday but I have had absolutely no luck with it, and honestly am getting quite frustrated with it. I have looked everywhere for a solution, I tried the adobe clenup tool, I have checked to make sure I don't have any previous versions of adobe products on my computer, and even tried installing it as an admin in safe mode, and still nothing. I have no idea what to do next, but I know that I have to get ahold of photoshop, one way or another, and it must have the professional tools included in the creative cloud edition. Please tell me there is a simple solution and I have been blind this entire time. If there is no solution, can someone direct me to another software similar to photoshop that has access to the plug-in dDo? (I am in game development and have heard how powerful dDo is and have been dying to use it. I have also been anxious to get photoshop, but it doesn't appear to be possible without the creative cloud desktop app).

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