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Failed installation after computer stolen

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I am trying to install CS5 on a new computer (Windows 7) that I purchased after my old one (on which CS5 was installed) was stolen.  I find the "Order", download it, all appears to go ok, but it never finishes the installation.  The "support advisor" software says nothing is wrong.  I've tried probably a dozen times to reach Adobe (chat, phone, etc.) on this issue, but noone has been able to resolve, and now it appears their online phone support has been cancelled.
Can someone point me to what the issue might be, or let me know whether there is a number for phone support?  Thanks much for any insights.

The Best Answer

the issue could be an incomplete download of the isntallation file(s).
it could be that you have some security software interfering with installation.
it could be that you need to install as an administrator.
it could be that you need to use compatibility mode to install.
and there are probably other possibilities.