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External HD problems

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have an 2TB Iomega hard drive, which my laptop - running OS 10.5 - has no problem with. But plugged into my iMac, on 10.6, it doesn't mount on the desktop and doesn't show up in disk utility.
Any suggestions?
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Hi Chortler,
Welcome to the forums.
Do other devices show up when plugged in? Have you tried different ports/types of ports? Have you tried different cables? Dose it show up in System Profiler? Dose it show up on other 10.6 computers? Is this a self powered drive? Are there other devices plugged into the computer? if so dose removing those device help?
Have you tried a SMC reset and or NVRAM reset?
If you boot to the install disk, dose the disk show up in system profiler.
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