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Exchange 2007: user not found

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Hi all,
I have a very strange problem..... I've been using Sun IDM 8.0 for quite some time now to manage Users in an exchange 2007 environment, without major issues. Now I finally got a new, improved test-environment, which includes a test-active-directory and a test exchange 2007 installation. Just two servers, probably the smallest possible configuration.
Now, everything works fine when I stick to the regular exchange 2007 management-tools, but it just won't work when using sun idm. :-(
I can create and modify activedirectory accounts without any issues, but when setting "recipient type" to UserMailbox, the operation suceeds but no mailbox is created. I activated tracing in the gateway and there is "getRecipientType: user not found" messages, which I suppose are related to my issue.
I definitly run the same idm-configuration in my production-environment without any issues. My exchange-admin claims that the exchange-environment has no differences either. I tried to run the gateway both on the domain controler and the exchange 2007 server, but found no difference.
Sadly, I'm running out of ideas..... :-(
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

The Best Answer

Problem was caused by 32-bit-gw on 64-bit-platform. Strange error-message, though.
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