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Ethernet/internet security settings

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I'm wondering what is the best, safest way I should set my Ethernet settings (in the Network section of 'System Preferences') to keep my internet connection safe from anyone trying to scam on my connection.
by the way, I'm using an Unwired modem.

The Best Answer

Barry Hemphill wrote:
Go to system preferences>security>firewall. The firewall should be on. The most secure setting (I have been told) is block all incoming connections.
P.S. That description is for OS X 10.6 so the OS X 10.5 setting may be slightly different.
Hi Barry, and thanks for the reply.
I have three options in Preferences>Security>Firewall;
1/ Allow all incoming connection (it was set to this by default)
2/ Allow only essential services
3/ Set access for specific services and applications
I guess option 3 looks best...