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Error while running the tcode....EASISI  -----  IS-UTILITIES

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am trying to execute the tcode EASISI with a varient.....
All the proper values are given to....... Simulation From,Simulate To,Document Date,Posting Date,Installation,Invoicing simulation,Simulate invoic. for ind. doc., and Billing simulation.
When I run with these parameters assigned,the Simulation is getting terminated with the message
"Field Base Unit of Measure must be blank (Account 0000800500 MYUC)' and "Invoicing of invoicing unit (account 4) terminated'.
I checked the UOM in the account specified and it was blank there.
Can anyone guide me....what exactly the problem is and how to solve it...
Thanks a lot for your valuable time.....

The Best Answer

Hi Sri,
I also got the same error .We have resolved it thru Changing the  include ZXBI1U08 . The code select * into table idberchz_1 should be  replaced with select * into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF table idberchz_1.
Hope this will Help you.
Thanks & Regards,
Radharaman Haldar