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Error message while trying to open ipod

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
i have a problem which i cant repair with restart my ipod.
I'm on a very long trip and my ipod is my hard drive.
When i'm trying to open the drive trough my computer, the next message is popping-
"Can not find script file e:\lio.vbs".
hope to get a solution soon.

The Best Answer

The movie could not be opened.If the problem file is QT and has an MPEG extension, then I assume it is supposed to contain an MPEG-2 muxed data. Therefor the first question is whether or not you have the Apple QT MPEG-2 component installed on your computer. (I.e., the QT player does not support MPEG-2 content without this component and even with it only supports limited audio formats.) If you do have the component installed, does the file open in MPEG based applications like VLC or MPEG Streamclip? If not, then it is possible the torrent download is corrupt. If the file does open in other applications, check the stream data to determine if the audio and video compression formats are QT compatible.