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Error message when running SBO 2007B PL12 Client

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Dear Experts,
Upon a fresh installation on a client of SBO2007B PL12 Client and DIAPI, when I startup the client application, it prompt me the below error:
The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library SAPBusinessOne.exe
I tried reinstalling the DIAPI but still to no avail.
How can I resolve this?
Much Thanks!
Warmest Regards,

The Best Answer

Ok, I found the solution to the problem.
The problem is, sometimes when we do installation, we copy directly the whole SAP client application folder to the client workstation instead of installing it from setup.exe. Hence, the client application is not registered in the Add/ Remove Programs list.
So the next time we were to install a new SAP client application, we need remember to first Right click > Unregister the SAPBouiCOM.exe before anything else. Then, delete the whole client folder from the workstation. Finally, install the new SAP client application.
Then it works.
Hope it helps.
Warmest Regards,