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Error!!!!! java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have been allocated a project to design a secured email using SMIME using JAVA and C++. Also we have the provider Baltimore Technologies.
The problem is the examples given by Baltimore Technologies is showing following error inspite of following all the procedures.
If any one has a program code or can guide me how write a program in this direction will be really helpful.
The objective is to:
1.) write a java program for smime.
2.)encrypt the email, send, verify, decrypt.
also it will be grateful if you can explain about "format of P7m/P7s"..... and also JNDI
Any help is appreciated...
thanks and regards

The Best Answer

can any one help!!!!!
why i am getting this error???
smime example
[13] Failed to open PFX file
com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkidevice.PKIDeviceException: PKCS12Provider::openFile(); nested exception is:
com.baltimore.jcrypto.asn1.ASN1Exception: PFX:fromASN1Object - the passphrase authentication on the PFX fails.
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkcs12.PFX.fromASN1Object([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkcs12.PFX.fromBER([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkcs12.PFX.<init>([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkidevice.PKCS12Provider.openFile([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkidevice.PKCS12Device.initInstance([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.pkidevice.PKIDeviceManager.getPKIDevice([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.vaults.Vault.a([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.vaults.Vault.openVault([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at com.baltimore.jpkiplus.vaults.Vault.openVault([DashoPro-V1.3-013000])
at SMIMEExamples.setup(
at SMIMEExamples.main(SMIMEESetup error: Wrapped PKIDeviceException
Error: Vault.getKeyProvider() - KeyProvider not available.
Error: Vault.getKeyProvider() - KeyProvider not available.
Error: Vault.getKeyProvider() - KeyProvider not available.
Error: STATIC CMSEnvelopedData.encrypt() - ; 1 >= 1
Error: Vault.getKeyProvider() - KeyProvider not available.
thanks and regards
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