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Error in goods receipt

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
we haven't activated or using profitability analysis, when we are trying to do goods recipt migo (receive materials against purchase order), <b>we are getting an erron saying that operating concern is not active. ma</b> can any one help me with this.

The Best Answer

Hmm..I haven't seen this error before. I would suggest you to check settings in KEA0 (Maintain Operating Concern).
I am not sure about the impact of activating the operating concern. I know this is used in profitability analysis. You should check this with your FI/CO consultant or post the question on the financial forums.
However, if you need to activate it you will have to go the 'Environment' tab in KEA0 for your operating concern and activate the the cross-client and client-specific part.
Also, check if CO-PA has been activated for the controlling area in question in transaction KEKE.
Hope this helps.
H Narayan
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