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Error in a simple example

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm trying to make a simple example working.
The example was taken from director 11.5 scripting reference pdf.
The code is in the function called BuildPolygons whithin a Movie Script.
I also added a 3D window to the cast (menu Window/Shockwave 3D) and named it Shapes (Property Inspector/Member/Name:)
I get an error message:
       Script Error: TypeError: nm.face[1] has no properties nm.face[1].vertices = [1,2,3];
If I run it again, without Save & Compact,
I get a different message:
    Script Error: Object with duplicate name already exists
        nm = member("Shapes").newMesh("Plane",1,3,0,3,0);
As if the second run created another member called Shapes. (Shouldn't clear globals take care of it?)
// The Movie script -
function startMovie()
function stopMovie()
function BuildPolygons()
  nm = member("Shapes").newMesh("Plane",1,3,0,3,0);
  nm.vertexList = [vector(0,0,0), vector(20,0,0), vector(20, 20, 0)];
  nm.face[1].vertices = [1,2,3];
  nm.colorList = [rgb(255,255,0), rgb(0, 255, 0), rgb(0,0,255)];
  nm.face[1].colors = [3,2,1];
  nm = member("Shapes").newModel("TriModel", nm);
What am I doing wrong?
Please help.

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