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Error Code 0xC004F074 Win 8.1 Clone

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Hello.  I have a Toshiba P867-S7102 with two HDD bays.  Bought an SSD and cloned WIN 8.1 to that drive, leaving the original HDD in the machine.  Changed boot order to SSD first, and all works save the error code mentioned in the title which
will not allow the SSD OS to activate.  If I change the boot order back to the original HDD, the OS is activated.  The intent of this change is to place the OS and programs on the SSD and use the HDD for storage.  I believe my conflict is I
the laptop thinks I have two OS versions running, but I am not sure how to deconflict. 
Any help appreciated. 

The Best Answer

According to your descritpion, your Windows 8.1 should be computer build in system and not activated by KMS server, isn't it?
If that it is, one OEM or retailed Windows Operate system license only available to one device. That's to say, you couldn't use one product key to activate another Windows system.
Roger Lu
TechNet Community Support