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Error code 0x80240031 while updating to 8.1

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From last 20 days I am facing this error code 0x80240031 while updating to 8.1 sharp at 50%  ...tried almost 50-60times on my ... G500s ... pre-installed os .... I contacted both Microsoft and Lenovo for this issue ... both of them tried to solve it ... Microsoft suggested me to reinstall the whole os. So I contacted Lenovo for the same ...they reinstalled it  ... BUT STILL THE PROBLEM EXISTS....   I don’t know what to do m very frustrated ... should I sue Microsoft for not solving or Lenovo..... Because if this issue won’t get solve... I might have to take some legal source to solve my case ...I tired every option available on the web i cant even get an new windows key or DVD...

The Best Answer

I tried everything on that link... but still facing the error...
command prompt and type/run: "sfc /scannow" problem
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.... no problem
Antivirus ..uninstalled .....
i tired the every possible thing on this webiste also