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Error code: 0x800700C1   Windows 8.1

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I just installed PSE 12, to upgrade from PS Essentials 3.2
Program installed, then when propmpted to import existing Catalog/Album I received the message that onece done, that I would not be able to use the old version.
Okay, that is why I finally upgraded to PSE 12.
Now can open PSE, but when hit the tab to Organize, I am getting the error code:  0x800700C1
TT HP support as this is a brand new laptop, and they tell me it is a problem with Adobe ?
Adobe communicating with DirectX ... Error message says that I do not have it installed, when in fact I do and it is Direct X v11
Looks like there are a number of other Adobe users with the same issue...?
What's up with that ?
Cannot get ahold of anyone at Adobe ... What a dissappointment.

The Best Answer

0x800700C1 This is windows error.
Make Sure your windows is up -to-date
Reinstall windows Microsoft .NET frameworks
Try from different user account.