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Error Box when Opening PDF in Browser

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Ever since I installed CS4 Web Premium on my new Windows 7 32 bit install when I try to open a PDF in the browser it opens a Blank Error Box (like a javascript alert box, but with nothing it).  When I close the box I just get a white page.  If I hit refresh the PDF opens fine.  If I try and hit the URL directly again, the problem is back.  The same happens in all my browsers:  IE8, Latest FF and Chrome.  I can download and open PDFs just fine, but trying to open them in a browser window always does the same no matter what site I am on.
Perhaps related, but possibly not ... I also have similar behavior from Flash.  Some sites with Flash elements on the screen give me what appear to be debug messages.  I have seen this happen in all browsers, but it doesn't happen with all flash, just some.
I checked my add/remove programs and all I have installed is:
Adobe Air
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium
Adobe Flash Player 10 AciveX
Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin
Adobe Media Player
Any idea what might be going on with this?  It is getting really annoying.

The Best Answer

Sideo21, you said "...C:Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe", but there is no option to change it."
I had tried the other steps but didn't work for me. However, here's what worked for me.
Like you, I also have Adobe X V10.1.2 (on Windows 7 64-bit), and the path is showing 10.0 and there is no option to change it. (I think this should be edit-able). My path in Adobe preferences was missing the \Reader directory, so I copied the AcroRd32.exe from the actual Reader\ directory and pasted it into the \Reader10.0 directory so that the path matches. Now, when I open a PDF doc from Chrome V16, the PDF document opens up fine and there are no error messages.
Thanks for the hint Sideo21.