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EPUB, .PDF, or .Folio for iPad Book?

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I am attempting to convert a bilingual childrens book into an iPad Viewable app but I find much of this confusing.
There is English and Hmong text on each page... Is there a way I could create the digital book so the user could select which language would be read to them as they turn the pages? Or would I only be able to have it read in one or the other? I could have buttons on each page that play each language though right? With what types of publications would I be able to accomplish which task? Any other options?
Also, must I create a .folio in order to have the document viewable horizontally and vertically as the user turns the ipad, (as In I create two versions of each page) Or can I do that with other exported file types?
Finally, If you have a link to the most helpful resource on any of this I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank You for your time,

The Best Answer

You should ask questions relative to creating folio files to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Forum:
There are severe limitations to using PDF files on iPads because the PDF readers are very immature. Most of the applications don't support interactivity. Here are two postings I did on PDF readers:
For Interactive PDF, Not All Readers Are Equal
A Much Improved Adobe Reader for Tablets Appears
EPUB files currently only support Latin languages. When I did an EPUB file that used Sanskrit, I had to rasterize the language (it was only short sections). InDesign CS5.5 or CS6 would let you choose the image resolution up to 300 ppi. Of course, you could then not interact with the text because it would be a picture.

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