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Empty fields in a fillable PDF

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Hi all,
We are a company that relies heavilly on fillable PDF files. We create them in LiveCycle ES8.2 and distribute them to our students all over the world.
Needless to say those students use a wide variety of hardware, ranging from MAC's with different OSx's to Windows computers with XP, Vista or 7.
Students fill out these forms, often tests and assignments, save a copy and upload it to our site.
Lately we are experiencing problems that fields in our fillable PDF's are empty when we receive the file.
Ofcourse, it sometimes happens that a student uploads the wrong (empty) file, but when multple students give us an empty PDF within a one-day timeframe and are certain they filled it out correctly, it might be something we are missing.
We noticed that it might have something to do with embedded fonts or their subsets, but this is giving us and our students a big headache.
We can't pinpoint the problem any further. Is it something we are missing in de PDF design process or is it a user-related issue? And if so, how can they solve it?
Advice or sollutions are greatly appreciated!

The Best Answer

I asked bacause the Preview application on the Mac is known to corrupt fields when a form is saved, resulting in the field contents not being vis
ible. The PDF Producer will show something like what I posted earlier in such cases. Preview is the default PDF viewer for a majority of Mac users. But now that I think about it, I don't believe Preview supports XFA forms at all.
If I were in your position, I'd try contacting the folks who sent in the problem files and ask them what PDF viewer they're using, and confirm that they indeed completed AND saved the form and sent in the modified form.