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Embedding iChat into Web Page

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Is there any way to embed the ichat 'buddy list' into a web page?

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Umm, Where to start.
Any iChat Buddy List is made up of several things that are show graphically to get the final result.
The Grey metal surround would be all the way around except for the blue and white lines that hold the Buddy info.
iCons at the bottom for starting the Chat(s) could be lost on any Web Page reconstruction.
iChat itself then logs into the servers that you use and displays the options you have selected. (Names, Buddy Pics, Status indicators, Status Message).
These are effectively different queries to the server in question (for one Buddy list)
I learnt/Found the HTML to query if a Buddy is on line and the bits that make it open an AIM Client (iChat has to be told it is the default AIM client)
The whole thing
<a href="aim:goim?screenname=ralphjohnsr&message=Hi!,+I+came+from+your+website,ralphjohnsuk."><img align="right" src="" alt="Webmaster iChat Online Status Indicator" border="0"></a>
This bit makes it launch iChat and join/start a Chat.
<a href="aim:goim?screenname=
The bit that follows can be a room name or a Buddy (or myself in this case)
The following bit makes it send a message
The plus symbols get sent as spaces.
There is a bit about aligning the images to the right and then the Query of the Server if I am on Line.
The response form this will show one of two pictures
<img align="right" src=""
That is followed by an ALT text option.
That is just to produce one Pic to say I am on line or not (with the option to Click and send).
A Whole Buddy list would need more queries.
Now presumably that and the other queries could be transferred to Jabber.
However I have searched in Google to see if there are lists of Jabber Chat rooms to see if the HTML codes are obvious but I can not find any.
The Tokbox model shows that without creating a Buddy Data base it can Query the various servers (you can set up/link to a GoogleTalk Buddy List as well as AIM and others there) so there must be a Query for the Buddy list as a whole.
A dynamic table would be javascript based needing potentially the alternating colours.
You would need two image holders to a line (Status and Buddy pic) not to mention any for Group divisions that may apply.
I would start by grabbing the javascript files from TokBox and seeing if they may any sense about where they are querying.
10:06 PM Thursday; January 14, 2010
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