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Emails from camera roll saved to wrong folder -- IMAP Path Prefix Problem

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I think there's a problem with the behaviour of the way picture emails are saved when you have an IMAP Path Prefix.
I have an IMAP Path Prefix of "INBOX"... i.e. my sent folder is Inbox/Sent. Any plaintext emails I send from the email application from the iPhone are correctly saved to that folder and I can see them in that folder immediately via the iPhone's interface.
When I navigate to the camera roll or photo album and send a picture email to somebody, and use the iPhone to go view the sent folder, they never appear in the sent folder. For a while I thought they weren't being saved at all, but I just discovered from my home PC that the camera roll app is indeed saving them somewhere: in Inbox/Inbox/Sent.
That's right--I now have a new Inbox folder inside my Inbox folder, with just a Drafts and Sent folder. Drafts is Empty, Sent has all the picture emails I've ever sent with the iPhone.
Bug? I think so... Emails emanating from the camera app are taking the IMAP Path Prefix twice instead of once, and then creating that Path Prefix folder if it doesn't already exist.
Anybody else with an IMAP Path Prefix experiencing this with picture emails from the camera roll?
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Ahhh interesting to find someone else with the same problem! It definitely happens when you send a photo message. My mac mail it shows my Inbox with a new nested sent items folder. I am using fusemail and the iPhone seriously messes with the folder structure. All sent items folders vanished for some reason on the mail server (but not in mac mail oddly) and I had to call technical support to make them reappear. I think this happened when I altered the Settings, Mail, Advanced settings, Mail box behaviour folders after having this problem with sent photo messages.
Now fusemail's webserver shows TWO Inboxes, one nested inside the other, and a "Sent Items" folder within the "new" inboxes.
Totally strange. I think there is a bug or two in the iPhone's IMAP software. Hoping for a bug fix soon, but until then perhaps a good work around might be to set the iPhone to store sent messages locally?