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Email Mail Merge using mail

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I run a small business and have 3,000 clients on my email database and i am having issues in sending large mail shots using mail. Before i changed to a mac i used to be able to use an excel database with outlook which i could send a mass email mail shot with a few clicks and it send each client an individual email.
I can't seem to get this to work using mail so i have to send 1 email with 20 or so applicants per email(as my broadband supplier limits me to 25 applicants per email) which is very time consuming and also not as profesional.
Is there a way round this at all or a program which i can run with mail?
Thanks in advance

The Best Answer

I've been wrestling with the same problem. I googled a number of related keywords, and found several programs that will handle "mail-merge" tasks. I downloaded two demos. The first is SerialMailer, and it can be found at I gave it one trial and it appears easy to use and adequate to the limited tasks for which I need it. You can import e-mail addresses from Apple's Address Book, or a number of other formatted files. It costs $29.95. The other one I have only take a glance at. It is Max Bulk Mailer, and can be found at
It looks to be more flexible and powerful and a bit more polished that SearialMailer, but it costs $49.90 for the standard version and $59.90 for the Pro version. The cheaper program looked like all I needed so I didn't test the more expensive one any further. My guess is that one of these (or another you might find with a google search) will take care of your mail merge needs quite handily, and for not much money.