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Email and spambots

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OK, I've been reading the many threads about how to change the email link and all that. I've consulted ken and allysun's sites, probably more at Rowan cottage. I'm not sure I'm fully in the know, but I think I've got it in general terms.
My question though concerns the spambots that many of us are trying to avoid. Do they just look for the email address within text, or can they read the code behind the scenes?
If they read the code behind the scenes, than whether we actually place our email on the page (linked or not) doesn't matter than if we use a cool image. Right? I was trying to comprehend Ken's idea of a QT movie, but its just too late here in my house. And allysun had some complicated coding thing using a couple of different sites (or I think it was her).
Maybe this is just a problem I wish I had--my site actually well known enough to generate being found by the spam bots. Now if they could just bring in more business. . . LOL

The Best Answer

Well it is a form, yes... to sign up for your newsletter. But rather than putting your email address on your web site so people can email you (which indeed will attract spambots eventually) you can use a contact form instead. Contact forms, if you have a good one, will eliminate the spam issue. I would make a page called Contact just for the form so the link is always in your navigation bar. People can hit it no matter where they are in your site.
With a form, you can also ask various questions like:
Name, email, website,
Proposed speaking date (if they're thinking of having you speak)
Proposed topic
You get that information in the first contact from them which is nice in terms of efficiency. It also adds some professionalism as most serious sites have a contact form to do business.
I use a contact form for my WordPress blog; it's not something I could use in an iWeb page so one of the others would have to suggest something for you. I think Varkgirl or Michael have the insight on this one.