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Elements and iPad

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Can someone tell me what is best iPad app to work with Elements please

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So, I have some further experience that MIGHT be useful.
I decided to delete everything from my Revel library. (This has something to do with this trouble, but I have other reasons as well.) I went through Photoshop Organizer on my Mac, and deleted everything from the catalog, folder by folder. Photoshop Elements is set to sync with Revel.  The deletions synchronized through the Revel Update Agent, and when I synced my iPad, it deleted everything too - EXCEPT for one video. I double checked my Photoshop Organizer, and there was no video there. So I logged into Revel on the web.  That video was there, as well as 47 others (literally). That one video showed a thumbnail that was a legitimate thumbnail for that video - it was a frame from the video. The other 47 just showed the cloud with the slashed lines. I double clicked on each of the videos in the Revel library online, downloaded it to my download folder, and then deleted it from Revel. I Double checked the files that were downloaded - they were all good, even though there was no thumbnail on Revel. After I deleted all the items, one by one, from Revel on the web, I tried putting a new photo into Photoshop Organizer; it uploaded promptly.  Then I deleted it from Photoshop Organizer. It deleted promptly.
Something in one of those 47 or 48 videos seems to have something to do with what is wrong.