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Easiest way to write XMP data or files into a PDF file

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I wrote a little Adobe Air application, which is intended to generate XMP files for being imported into PDF files. Now I'm searching for the most efficient solution to import these XMP files. I'd be happy if I could select a PDF file from my Adobe Air application and write the metadata into the file, but I didn't find any library to this. Another option is something like a hotfolder. I try to avoid to import these files one by one. Could someone please give me a hint?
I'd be very glad!
Thank you beforehand!

The Best Answer

Thanks for your suggestion.
My experience is more in Postgresql, sql server and ms access. So I can handle sql command better than java.
According to your suggestion, I come out following design.
1. Use SQL Developer to developer a copy stored procedure.
- The store procedure will copy ONE row of main data and data in related data table.
- use database link to access remote database.
- handle transaction and return error message if got error.
- update data if the data already copied into destination database.
2. A java program perform following tasks:
a. Use jdbc install the stored procedure in #1 into database by "CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION ..."
b. load copy data list from a file.
c. a loop to call installed stored procedure. Pass one main row per time into stored procedure.
d. print each main row copy result to stdout in the loop and stop if error happened.
So, I just need to pass the java program to operator.
Please tell me if you have any better idea or easier way to implement. Maybe, another possible solution is use shell script to execute sql command in sqlplus. :)
Hing Cheow Yong