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I love my E71's features (apart from the missing 3.5mm jack) and have got my widgets nicely installed, but am starting to get a little frustrated with some of the ignorant functionality decisions by Nokia.
I'm not a heavy widget user, but 6 app shortcuts on the home screen is certainly not enough space.
The iPhone has something like 20 on each page - and don't mention the 'Mode' function on the E71, we all know it's complete rubbish. I'm not waiting 5 seconds to switch modes everytime I decide to use a particular app. shortcut, so that's been replaced with another app.
However, I still need a second row of app. shortcuts on my screen.
It's my phone, I should have the choice to decide how I utilize its screen - and I refuse to believe that adding this feature would take more than a few minutes for a Nokia software engineer to program.
Does anyone know of a way to do this?
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Thanks for the tip Mahood, I'll try it out.
I can't say this is a great solution, but it might help. I can't agree about the efficiency point - fair enough most iPhone users are below average intelligence and therefore think beer drinking simulations are a valuable use of memory, but I could well use another row of app. shortcuts and think the 'Mode' system is a timewasting gimmick.
The N97 is the only Nokia phone I would have over this, but as a student I'm not paying twice as much per month for a few more features.
I have shortcuts for Opera, Google Maps, YouTube, iPlayer, Facebook and MSN and would like to have some office features too.
I have reassigned my calendar button (I use a filo-fax) so a short push brings up active notes and a long push brings up voice recorder, which helps.
It does annoy me how easily Nokia could remedy this limitation though. 5/6 shortcuts is NOT efficient!