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Here's a scenario:
- I'm working at my office in Helsinki
- I've got a meeting in, say, San Francisco on 10.12. at 14:00
- I enter the meeting on the calendar 10.12. 14:00
- I travel to US
- I change the clock time zone to San Francisco (10 hours behind
- The calendar says that the entries have been updated
- My meeting is now 10.12. 4:00 AM
How do I turn off the completely catastrophic calendar time updates? This renders the handy time zone support completely useless.
Please don't even try to say that I should have scheduled the meeting at 11.12. 0:00 in the first place.

The Best Answer

I have the same problem with my E63.
I tried finding a practical way. I tried being raving mad about this... and it did not help.
The only way I found say for plane schedule is. for example.
put dep lon at LON time and put in text something like dep LON at 12:00
change you phone time to say Cairo. Put the time of arrival in the appointment time but put in the text as well (ex: arrival Cairo 15:50 12/4/11) (same for you departure )
switch the phone to next destination time. say HKG, put you appointment at the local time but put the time also in the text. (ex: arrival HKG 03:30 pm.....//. meeting with HQ HKG at 11:30 am.)
Then switch you phone back to London time.
The only alternative is the same but with correcting the appointment time mentally to translate it in LON time before entering, but still mentionning the actual local time in the text for permanent reference.
Thsi is a very time consuming process, prone to making errors. But it is the only way I could find around this absurdity.
Ta least the alarms will be ringing at the right time, and the references will be in the text and not subject to changes by the phone, and you can keep automatic time change.
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