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Dynamic view object loses bind variables after passivation

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I am creating a view object definition/view object programmatically in Jdev The query requires a named bind parameter. All was working fine but now I am testing with app module pooling disabled and the bind variable is not being restored after passivation -- it's like the definition has disappeared or something.
Here is my VO creation code:
ViewObject vo = findViewObject("FinalistsWithEvalDataVO");
if (vo != null){
ViewDefImpl voDef = new ViewDefImpl("FinalistsWithEvalDataVODef");
     // I add a bunch of viewAttrs here...
vo = createViewObject("FinalistsWithEvalDataVO", voDef);
vo.defineNamedWhereClauseParam("Bind_SchlrAyId", null, new int[] {0});
vo.setNamedWhereClauseParam("Bind_SchlrAyId", new Number(1)); //For testing
The query executes fine right there and then the VO seems to passivate fine. I even see the bind var in passivation:
<exArgs count="1">
<arg name="Bind_SchlrAyId" type="oracle.jbo.domain.Number">
But then when it reactivates prior to rendering the page, it invariably throws a missing parameter exception and this in the log:
<ViewUsageHelper><createViewAttributeDefImpls> [7409] *** createViewAttributeDefImpls: [email protected]
<ViewUsageHelper><createViewAttributeDefImpls> [7410] Bind params for ViewObject: [FinalistsWithEvalDataVO]AwardViewingServiceAM.FinalistsWithEvalDataVO
<ViewUsageHelper><createViewAttributeDefImpls> [7411] ViewUsageHelper.createViewAttributeDefImpls failed...
<ViewUsageHelper><createViewAttributeDefImpls> [7412] java.sql.SQLException: Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1
I have worked on this for hours and can't see anything wrong. Like I said, it works fine when not forcing passivation...
Any help would be appreciated.

The Best Answer

@Jobinesh - Thanks for the suggestions. I have read all the documentation I can find. Everything works fine without passivation. Everything still breaks with passivation. I have given up on trying to get the bind variable to restore after passivation and am currently just building the query with all values embedded in the query rather than bind variables. This is bad practice but avoids the problem. However, now that I avoided that obstacle, I'm on to the next issue with passivation of this dynamic view object, which is that the current row primary key apparently cannot be reset after activation. I get the following error:
<Key><parseBytes> [7244] Key(String, AttributeDef[]): Invalid Key String found. AttributeCount:1 does not match Key attributes
<DCBindingContainer><reportException> [7254] oracle.jbo.InvalidParamException: JBO-25006: Value 00010000000A30303033383133343734 passed as parameter String to method Constructor:Key is invalid: {3}.
     at oracle.jbo.Key.parseBytes(
     at oracle.jbo.Key.<init>(
     at oracle.jbo.server.IteratorStateHolder.getCurrentRowKey(
     at oracle.jbo.server.ViewRowSetIteratorImpl.activateIteratorState(
I've been trying various workarounds for over a day now with no luck. Very frustrating.
Thanks for trying to help.
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