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Dynamic attribute in XQuery

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Using XQuery I'm trying to dynamically create attributes as the result of a complex for statement.
This works fine:
attributeName="{ for ...}"
and I could just repeat this for every attribute. However the "for/where" statements are complex and I would like to avoid the overhead of having to repeat them for every attribute. What I would like is something like
"{ for ...
where ...
return attribute foo result1
return attribute bar result2
return attribute fubar result3
Any ideas how I could do this?
Also, as an aside, where is this putting the attribute setting code inside quotes documented?

The Best Answer

can we have a hashmap which stores all the unknown
attributes into the hashmap upon loading and then
handle it in the setpropertiesJSF's UIComponent has a function of generic attributes.
Use <f:attribute>.
<cx:inputText value="" foo="footest"/> Anyway, if you want to use the syntax like this, you should provide a custom
tag handler which has a setFoo() method and whose setProperties() method
copys the value to the corresponding (generic) attribute of the component.
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