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DVDRAM Drive problem with my Toshiba P105-S6020

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
The DVDRAM GMA 4082N installed on my P105-S6020 is all of a sudden not being recognized my the system. Attempts to troubleshoot, un-install and re-install the device as well as downloading the latest drivers have yielded no results. HELP!!!
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There was an issue where the DVD drive suddenly becomes missing from My Computer.  This is a problem with windows and can be easily fixed by editing the registry.  First, check if the drive is recognized under the BIOS.  Second, check the device manager if it shows any yellow exclamation marks (yield sign) on the DVD drive.  Lastly, check My Computer to see if the drive is missing.  If all these 3 are correct, then this can be fixed by a program that can be downloaded from the link below.  Just follow the instructions and you should be good to go.
CD / DVD drive missing from 'My Computer' (Windows Explorer)
Okay, now I've closed all the windows. What do I do next? By the way, it's a bit warmer with all the windows closed...