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Duplicate Document Numbering after Upgrade

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi! Can anyone please help me to find-out a resolution for the Duplicate Document Numbering found after the SAP B1 upgrade from 2007 to 8.8?
This report has been found from the Administration -> Utilities.

The Best Answer

The previous company database was a trial database, but the production version of the same is showing the following (missing & doubled) List in "Check Document Numbering -> Document Serial Numbering List"
Missing List - 52 rows (a sample from the top is given below) -
Document     Number     To Number
Checks for Payment     1     3931
     3933     6925
     6932     6932
     6963     6963
     7014     7014
and in right had side in the same as above way, the Doubled list - 16 rows
BUT I have check the "Checks for Payment Documents" the documents there shows their "Check Internal ID" 1 to 691. Then from where the above numbers have been detected by the system?
ANOTHER INTERESTING FACT IS THAT THE above testing I have done on SBO 8.8 PL12, hence I have got the "Upgrade Control Report" as well .... and this showing the following "Non-matching quantities" -
#     Table     Records Before     Records After
1     OINM     20284     17342
I have checked the upgrade log-file ... there were no errors. BUT at the time of "Pre-upgrade check" of this company database the warning "common database version differs from the company database version" always.