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Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Errore run-time        SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED
       Verific. il     17.01.2008 h  13:58:55
Process terminated by signal " ".
Causa dell'errore
The current ABAP program had to be terminated because the
ABAP processor detected an internal system error.
The current ABAP program "????????????????????????????????????????" had to be
terminated because the ABAP
processor discovered an invalid system state.
Possibili soluzioni
Make a note of the actions and input which caused the error.
To resolve the problem, contact your SAP system administrator.
You can use transaction ST22 (ABAP Dump Analysis) to view and administer
termination messages, especially those beyond their normal deletion
Analisi errori
An SAP System process was terminated by an operating system signal.
Possible reasons for this are:
1. Internal SAP System error.
2. Process was terminated externally (by the system administrator).
Indic. per la correzione
The SAP System work directory (e.g. /usr/sap/c11/D00/work ) often
contains a file called 'core'.
Save this file under another name.
If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the
following documents to SAP:
1. A hard copy print describing the problem.
   To obtain this, select the "Print" function on the current screen.
2. A suitable hardcopy prinout of the system log.
   To obtain this, call the system log with Transaction SM21
   and select the "Print" function to print out the relevant
3. If the programs are your own programs or modified SAP programs,
   supply the source code.
   To do this, you can either use the "PRINT" command in the editor or
   print the programs using the report RSINCL00.
4. Details regarding the conditions under which the error occurred
   or which actions and input led to the error.
Ambiente sistema
SAP Release.............. " "
Application server....... " "
Network address.......... " "
Operating system......... " "
Release.................. " "
Hardware type............ " "
Character length......... " " Bits
Pointer length........... " " Bits
Work process number...... " "
Short dump setting....... " "
Database server.......... " "
Database type............ " "
Database name............ " "
Database owner........... " "
Character set............ " "
SAP kernel............... " "
Created on............... " "
Created in............... " "
Database version......... " "
Patch level.............. " "
Patch text............... " "
Supported environment....
Database................. " "
SAP database version..... " "
Operating system......... " "
Utente, transazione.....
Client.............. " "
User................ " "
Language key........ " "
Transaction......... " "
Program............. "????????????????????????????????????????"
Screen.............. " "
Screen line......... " "
Informazioni punto di interr.
Contenuto campi sistema
Cmpo SY  Contenuto.................... Cmpo SY  Contenuto....................
Richiami/eventi attivi
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Variabili selezionate
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Chiamate applicazione
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Informazioni applicazione
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Note interne
The termination occurred in the function "ab_CoreInfo" of the SAP
Basis System, specifically in line 7047 of the module
The internal operation just processed is " ".
The internal session was started at 20080117135854.
Stack trace of 'core'.
Rich. attivi nel nucleo SAP
=> 64 bit R/3 Kernel
=> 64 bit AIX Kernel
=> Heap limit      = unlimited
=> Stack limit     = unlimited
=> Core limit      = 1073741312
=> File size limit = unlimited
=> Heap address  = 0x113a46880
=> Stack address = 0xffffffffffbe770
=> Stack low     =  0xffffffffffbb0e0
=> Stack high    =  0xffffffffffff460
=> Stack Trace:
     Unknown at 0x0
     nioqwa() at 0x9000000013c3980
     upirtrc() at 0x900000001030c8c
     kpurcsc() at 0x90000000113ed2c
     kpuexecv8() at 0x90000000115c4ac
     kpuexec() at 0x90000000115e3d8
     OCIStmtExecute() at 0x900000001184214
     oci_execute_stmt() at 0x900000000ad0a48
     stmt_fetch() at 0x900000000adc594
     exec_fetch() at 0x900000000ae2940
     DbSlExeRead() at 0x900000000ad86f8
     dbsl_exe_read() at 0x1004773ac
     dbsl_call() at 0x1004ca698
     dbsl_exec_fetch() at 0x1004ca148
     fetch_cursor() at 0x1004d06f4
     db_tran94() at 0x1004dbc04
     call_tran() at 0x1004dcebc
     call_tabmgr() at 0x1004de1f4
     fetch_cursor() at 0x1004e6cfc
     oarr_access() at 0x1004e70c4
     db_rsql1994() at 0x1004ea788
     load_generic_buffer() at 0x100533dc0
     db_load_buffer() at 0x1005363c4
     buf_rtab_read() at 0x1004b8604
     rtab_exec() at 0x1004bb020
     db_rtab0() at 0x1004bd684
     SpGDIO() at 0x100f049d0
     ReadT022D() at 0x100fb7014
     updatePrCtl() at 0x100fb6348
     getCPrCtlVari() at 0x100fb51bc
     SpPrCtlWriteC() at 0x100fb7574
     otf_swin_set_font() at 0x100ff05e8
     otf_swin_fc() at 0x100fefea0
     otf_otfbuf_processotfbuf() at 0x10100975c
     otf_swin_ep() at 0x100ff01d0
     rspopol__process_otf_line() at 0x10100e860
     OutputLine() at 0x100f6b24c
     HandleDirectDocument() at 0x100f6ab8c
     HandleOutput() at 0x100f693f8
     handlecopies() at 0x100f686b0
     SpDyIntModeHandler() at 0x1008fd050
     dy_gen_abap() at 0x1005c03c0
     dy_gen() at 0x1005c0a44
     IntModeExecute() at 0x1008fcf04
     SpIntModeExecute() at 0x1008fd4e8
     handle_copies() at 0x100f684e0
     rspoopj__output_printjob() at 0x100f73f90
     process_job() at 0x1008fa9e0
     process_print_job() at 0x1008f9e08
     SpHandleSingleQueueEntry() at 0x1008fafb4
     SpHandleProcessingQueue() at 0x100f017b4
     rspoget2_on_unix() at 0x1008fc968
     rspopsd_process_start_dynpro() at 0x100ef9218
     N_rspopsd_process_start_dynpro() at 0x100d191f8
     dynpmcal() at 0x100d18290
     dynppbo0() at 0x100d16464
     dynprctl() at 0x100d1f73c
     dynpen00() at 0x100cb86c0
     Thdynpen00() at 0x1000a30b0
     TskhLoop() at 0x1000a78e0
     tskhstart() at 0x1000bcaf0
     DpMain() at 0x1015c8790
     nlsui_main() at 0x10159b488
=> CPU Registers:
      msr = 0xa00000000008d0b2     iar = 0x0000000000000000
      ctr = 0x0000000000000000      lr = 0x0900000001444bd8
      xer = 0x0000000000000001      cr = 0x0000000082442248
Lista dei programmi ABAP in oggetto
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Lista tabelle interne
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Indice delle tabelle applicative
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Directory delle tabelle applicative (inf. di gestione)
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Blocchi di contr. CONT ABAP
Il dump non riporta informazioni relative
Fine dell'analisi err. run-time
Help me
Thank YOu

The Best Answer

If this is a custom program then get the code reviewed. Might be some issues with nested loops. Just get it debugged and that might point you to something.
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