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Dual 2560x1440 monitors on MacBook Pro

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Will the current 15" Retina MacBook Pro support 2560x1440 resolution through it's HDMI port? I would like to run dual 2560x1440 resolution monitors and would like to power one via Display Port and the other via the HDMI port if it's possible.
I did see Using 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs with Mac computers - Apple Support but was not sure if anything between 1920x1200 and 3840x2160 would work.

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Can't OP run one display from each of the Thunderbolt connections on his MacBook Pro Retina machine (with the thunderbolt to whatever adapter) OR the HDMI? MacTracker says "support for two Thunderbolt displays" in the "Memory and Graphics" tab.
I don't have one so not sure, but MacTracker is pretty good about this sort of stuff. Also OP might want to look at How to setup dual external monitors on a MacBook Pro 15" A1398? and am sure there are others.
Good luck.......

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