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Dreamweaver CS5 won't open any files from a project

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I'm working on a simple website. I work on it from 2 different locations (home and work), and the files are stored on a removable USB disk. The problem is that for some reason Dreamweaver won't open any files made on the other computer. It shows the sitemap, eveything. But when I click on a file, nothing happens.
I've tried a couple of things:
1. recreate the site in the site manager - still the same problem
2. remove the preference folder - still the same problem
The only solution is that I have to copy the files to my desktop, recreate the website in the sitemanager and then it works. But only if I copy the files to my desktop, any other location on my HD (not the removable USB disk) simply doesn't work.
Does anybody know why this happens? Or even better, does anybody have a tip of how to workaround this problem?

The Best Answer

The D600 was first supported in Camera Raw 7.3 which is only compatible with CS6 and later - not CS5 unfortunately.
Some options:
Download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all D600 Raw files to DNGs then open the DNGs in CS5
Upgrade to CS6
Buy Lightroom 5.4
Buy Photoshop Elements 12
Join the Cloud and get CC (subscription only)
Join the Photoshop Photography Program and get Photoshop CC + Lightroom (subscription only)