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Downloads to documents folder fail due to parallel upload

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hi, mobile documents is a great tool that I use to replicate all business relevant documents to mobile clients. However there is one great disadvantage for me. When you download a file that is a bit larger (>1 MB), during the download the client will already start uploading the temporary file. So the download then fails as it cannot convert the temporary file into the final one.
This is something that does not happen for equivalent clients (for example skydrive). Do you think this is something that can be fixed?

The Best Answer

Hi Heiko,
Let me explain again:
You said "uploader locks the file so that it can no longer be changed". For the temporary file it is the downloader which have locked the file. Hence, the impression that file is getting uploaded because it is locked is hence not correct.
The next version might be available in Q1\Q2 2014. We will keep everyone updated via community.
Best Regards,
Ashwani Kr Sharma