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Downloading iTunes Extra "Error -19" Message

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hey Everyone
I've recently run into a strange problem.
While downloading the iTunes Extra for two movies (TED Unrated + Batman Begins), I'm getting the error -19 message.
The extras download fully, I can see in the Status window that iTunes starts processing, then I get "stopped (err = -19)."
There was a problem downloading “Batman Begins - iTunes Extras / Batman Begins / Christopher Nolan”. An error occurred while reading from the device.
Please check that the connection to the network is active and try again.
I'm running iTunes 11, with MacOS 10.6.8.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
All the best!

The Best Answer

I went through the forums and I found several other threads with exactly the same problem:
I contacted Apple support and the representative added the album back to my available downloads in iTunes, but the problem still persists. All songs download fine except for the iTunes LP.
I wonder if anyone using the US iTunes store is having this problem... I'm starting to guess this is related to the LP not being available in some of the other stores, which is strange as the album with the LP was available for sale...