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Doubts in OIM

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm a new user to OIM.I'm in a very basic level in OIM.So can u tell me the meaning for some of the terms used in OIM..
What is meant by Reconciliation?What is the use of it?
What is meant by Adapter?For what it is used,why do we need to integrate it to the task?
What is the Auto Pre-Populate in process Definition form in OIM Client?
What is meant by Data Sink in Data Flow(Data Flow-Add Field Map-Data Sink)?

The Best Answer

I will recommend to read design console guide and tool reference guide in documentation section of OIM.It will give you some insight of what you are looking for.For now let me explain you terms that you asked for.
1.Reconciliation :Reconciliation is a process by which you synchronize your target system and OIM.It can be of two type one is trusted source recon and second is target source recon.Trusted source recon where you sync the identity in OIM which means creating/updating/deleting OIM user from trusted source.Trusted source can be database,AD,OID or any thing.Traget recon is the process where you synchronize OIM identity access to various resource or target system.
2. Adapter: Adapter is the java code use to connect and modify the details in target system.
3.Auto-Pre-pop- In process form if you want to populate few field automatically then you click on auto-pre-pop.For that you will have to create a adapter of type pre-pop and write your logic to populate the particular field in process form.
4.Data-Sink.If you have both resource form and process form and you want data to flow from object form to process form then you need to use data sink where you do one to one mapping.Resource form is the one which is used for request and presented to requester to fill out the information.
Please let me know if you need any more info.
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    Hi, I'm a new user to OIM.I'm in a very basic level in OIM.So can u tell me the meaning for some of the terms used in OIM.. What is meant by Reconciliation?What is the use of it? What is meant by Adapter?For what it is used,why do we need to integrat

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