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Double-charged for Creative Cloud Membership - I need a refund!

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My student subscription was automatically cancelled and switched to a regular subscription. Adobe never told me, but I saw on my bank statement that I had been charged $24.99 instead of $14.99.
When I first contacted Adobe and asked for a refund, the customer support rep told me to simply cancel my old subscription and create a new student subscription with my student account. I did this, and then I was charged a FURTHER $14.99 under this new subscription, for the 'new month' that I had already been charged for (that was the original $24.99 payment).
I have now tried twice to contact Adobe's support service, and both times I have heard excuses such as 'There is a technical fault with our systems - when I try to refund you $24.99, it only lets me refund you $14.99' or 'I will escalate this to a higher team member'. I have yet to hear back from Adobe and it has now almost been a month since the double charge, and I am worried I am going to be charged AGAIN (or worse, twice again) in the next month if I don't get this resolved.
Please assist, and in future, please tell your customers before you start charging random balances to their credit cards.

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Hi aagirlz
An email is sent 30 days prior to the annual renewal date with details of the renewal price.  Sometimes this might go to your spam/junk folders so it's worth checking there.
When you signed up for Creative Cloud at the promotional price, the offer terms would have explained that the promotional price is valid for 12 months and then you renew at the standard price for that plan.
The current student/teacher offer terms can be viewed here: Creative Cloud free trial & plans : Adobe Creative Cloud
Kind regards