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DOMParser object not found in database

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Hi, I'm not sure if this should go here or somewhere else.. Anyway, I've got a really simple java function that takes a CLOB as a parameter and simply returns whether or not it's a valid document. Works fine in JDeveloper, but when I try to load it into the database, I get:
Errors in cdh_j_validate:
ORA-29521: referenced name oracle/xml/parser/v2/DOMParser could not be found
The XML Parser is installed on the database and is functioning properly.. I am deploying my Java stored procedure to the same schema that the xml parser was installed into. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
Craig Drabik

The Best Answer

Would you load xmlparserv2.jar to DB? Or before this check if it is loaded to your schema by:
SELECT SUBSTR(dbms_java.longname(object_name),1,35) AS class, status
FROM all_objects
WHERE object_type = 'JAVA CLASS'
AND object_name = dbms_java.shortname('oracle/xml/parser/v2/DOMParser');