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Does my crossover frequency overlapping- (Speaker Vs Sound Driver)??

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Hi, I own 6 Channel Speaker system connected to Creative X-FI 5.1 Sound driver . Speaker has a build-in crossover frequency 150Hz. In the sound driver also has an option to select a crossover frequency for LFE. (By default it set to 80Hz).
So my question is, does my sound driver crossed the frequencies 80Hz and same time my Speaker crossed 150 Hz to LFE? If it does, It seems I miss the frequency band between 80-150Hz!! So what would be the best way. adjusting the Sound Driver Crossover Fr to align with Speaker crossover? ( in my case, 150 Hz???)
Please let me know!

The Best Answer

Well, theory and practice can be different sometimes.
The only thing I can imagine is that the low-pass filter in the soundsystem is not fully able to filter out all bass frequencies below 150Hz and some get through to the satellites which are not capable of producing them correctly, hence the distortion.
The driver filter will cut them off digitally, so really nothing below 150Hz will get to the satellites if you set the driver crossover frequency to that --> no distortion.
For the more tight/more soft bass I guess it's the same thing, the built-in filter can't get everything below 150Hz completely to the subwoofer (the higher bass frequencies lose some of their power), therefore it can "concentrate" on the 0-80Hz range that comes directly from the driver (digitally cut off). If you set the drivers filter frequency higher, the higher bass frequencies retain their full power and the subwoofer has to work a higher spectrum of frequencies and the extremely low frequencies lose some punch.
That's the only explanation I can think of, maybe someone with more technical/audio knowledge could answer it better.
I would rather take softer bass over fuzz/distortion.
Just set the driver crossover frequency so that the result pleases your ears.