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Does put a message on the screen, or not?

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                        var year:int;
                        var days:int;
                        days = 0;
                        year = 2010;
                        if (year > 2099)
                    "Unable to calculate day number for years beyond 2099.");  // Because, for example, 2100/2/29 will not exist
                        var T0:int;
                        T0 = days + ((year - 1964) / 4) * (3 * 365 + 366);  // This oomplex expression is evaluated incorrectly, so I have broken it down to help the compiler out
                        var T1:int;
                        var T2:int;
                        var T3:int;
                        var T4:int;
                        T1 = year - 1964;
                        T2 = T1 / 4;
                        T3 = 3 * 365 + 366;
                        T4 = T2 * T3;
                        days = days + T4;
                        if (T0 != days)
                    "Fault in evaluation because " + T0.toString() + " does not equal " + days.toString());

The Best Answer

Yes, and reports that the int data type was added to Adobe Flex to improve performance when the programmer knows only integers shall be dealt with.   The livedocs page, to which you refer, was written before there even was an integer data type.  There is definitely something wrong with the way Adobe's software handles complicated integer expressions.    I did try changing all int data types to Number data types.   The complicated expression is handled properly in that case.
The int data type is stored internally as a 32-bit integer and comprises the set of integers from
-2,147,483,648 (-231) to 2,147,483,647 (231 - 1), inclusive. Previous versions of ActionScript offered only the Number data type, which was used for both integers and floating-point numbers. In ActionScript 3.0, you now have access to low-level machine types for 32-bit signed and unsigned integers. If your variable will not use floating-point numbers, using the int data type instead of the Number data type should be faster and more efficient.