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Does a network published shared variable drop the waveform attributes?

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I have the analog input source for a waveform on one NI chassis. The trigger to begin the trend is on another NI chassis. Both of them feed data to a remote Windoze host. I would like to know how I can pass the waveform attributes, ie. Plot Names from the source machine to the Windoze host using a network published shared variable. I am using LV8.0. My two remote chassis are both running RTOS.
I can see that when I set up the DAQ assistant and named my aquired signals, that these names are passed to a waveform chart on the same block diagram. I can use them to update the Plot Names on my front panel. However, when I create an "Array of Double Waveform based" network published shared variable, and then read that variable from the Windoze host there are no attributes attached. The waveform shows up just fine.
I would like to be able to have the attributes update the plot name when I change the plot. I will have about 20 plots and I only want to display them a few at a time. I also want the user to be able to select which one they want to look at.

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I think you posted the same question to another thread, received an answer, and have now moved on.  Anyway, the workaround to the problem is to peform flatten to string and unflatten from string operations on the waveform before and after sending it to the shared variable respectively.  See the attached screenshot for the specifics.
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