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DME file issue: Payment run for Customers

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Hi Gurus,
Please help me in the following problem.
I have done the configurations for automatic collection/refund using F110 for customers in our ECC 6 system. Iu2019m having a requirement as below.
1. Singular payments to be made for each customer transaction.  Have done that by checking u2018Singular paymentsu2019 check box in customer master data.
2. All payments should be collected in DME file at customer level even though the payments are multiple.   have done that by customizing the RFFOGB_T program.
3. Configurations are done for incoming (Receivables) and outgoing payments (refunds) in SAP and working fine.
Now the problem is, there is a requirement to net-off the monetary value of a customer in DME file i.e. if a customer having debits and credits then we need to net off the amounts and check whether itu2019s an incoming or outgoing payment to that customer. I have done the code changes for this requirement as well and it is working perfectly fine, however DME file produces 2 CONTRA lines one as debit to bank account and another as Credit to bank account (provided I have 2 customers in a run where one customer ends up in net debit balance, and another customer ends up with net credit balance). Our Bank doesn't accept more than one CONTRA in a single DME file.
Example scenario:
Booking 1  -> 400 (Dr) & 200 (Cr)
Booking 2  -> 300 (Dr) & 100 (Cr)
Booking 3 -> 100 (Dr) & 300 (Cr)
Currently If I run the payment run by having both incoming and outgoing payment methods, then my DME file will result as below
Customer 1 -> Dr 400
Customer 2 -> Cr 200
Bank account -> Cr 200
However our bank is not accepting the above DME since there are debits as well as credit data records in the same file.
Currently we are going with 2 separate payment runs, one for incoming and another for outgoing by this I could able to produce 2 DME files as below for the above customer bookings.
Payment run 1:
DME 1:
Customer 1 -> Dr 700
Customer 2 -> Dr 100
Bank account -> Cr 800
Payment run 2:
DME 2:
Customer 1 -> Cr 300
Customer 2 -> Cr 300
Bank account -> Dr 600
Both files are being accepted by Bank, however business is not agreeing this since for every customer transaction bank charges client. (There will be 2 transaction for same customer in the same day)
Anybody encountered the same problem? I need some suggestion on how to produce 2 DME files in a single payment run, one having only net debit balance customers and another having only net credit balance customers, so that on a particular payment run a customer will have only one transaction going into bank either Credit or Debit. Basically I need to produce DME files as below for the above customer bookings
Payment Run 1:
DME 1:
Customer 1 -> Dr 400
Bank account -> Cr 400
DME 2:
Customer 2 -> Cr 200
Bank account -> Dr 200
Please help.

The Best Answer

Client has a difft scenario.
They pay to the customers for warranty and incentives. 2 ways to pay to the customer: generating payment run F110 within AR and the other being F110 from AP where all the customer open items are closed and sent to AP for payment using a custom program.
The problem with this is they have two interfaces each from AP and AR and aslo a custom program.
Now, solution is to pay all customers thru AP by setting each customer as vendor so that all the open items are picked in the payment run.
Next solution is to have single interface but paymentruns seperately from AR and AP. Both would send the files differently to Bank when paymnt run executed. Concern here is when both Ar and AP send files will the interface be able to handle it like 2 difft files or should there be any consolidation kind of thing.
Another question is, do we have to set up all customers as vendors in order to pay to the customer thru AP. There is customer accounts field where range of customer accounts can be added. Just by adding customer accounts, does it pick up the items for payment.
Please reply.
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