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Display stays black after waking due to USB plug-in/out

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i forget to unplug the external mouse at times after shutting thsi pup down. when i unplug it AFTER sleep it wakes up again...but the screen stays dark (eventhough at night i see a phantom image very very faintly)
inow i have the mouse coming in through a hub (kesington 4 port, no external power)..soemtimes i can unplug the mouse no prob from that...sometime it still makes the comp awake...with the darkened screen...
a solution often is closing, waiting for sleep, opening...
is there an easier way? (increase brightness? stay alert and unplug BEFORE closing?)
at times i have also had to reboot...
any info would be grrrrreat...thanks!

The Best Answer

i have this exact same problem. it happens with anything usb i plug in, or at least it does it with my old usb mouse, printer, and external hard drive. its done it ever since i had the machine about 2 and a bit years ago. ive also noticed it does it with my bluetooth apple mouse. when the pb is asleep with the mains power connected, if i press the mouse button by accident with the display closed it wakes the computer and then if i open the display it sometimes has issues bringing the display back on.
I don't know what causes this whether its a fault or just a design flaw in hardware or software, but i've just learned to live with it and try and remember not to unplug anything usb whilst its asleep.
Your phantom image in the background is caused because the actual display is on and the lcd is making the image, but the backlight isn't turning on so unless ur in the right light you wont see the image, you'll get the same if you just turn the brightness down to the bottom on ur display. the image is still there just without the backlight.
hope that helps a little.